• Scrunchies


    Scrunchies are finally back in the fashion scene - and we love it! They wear minimal hair, giving a trendy and fashionable look. Feel free to dress up a simple outfit with a loose hairbun attached with regular hairband underneath, and with a scrunchie over. The scrunchies below are not long enough to be used as a hairband, so they can be knitted approx. twice as long.


    SIZES: One size


    GAUGE: 26 sts on needle 3mm = 10 cm


    NEEDLES: Circular needle 3mm – 60 cm / or 5 needles


    YARN/AMOUNT: Dale Yarn, Lille Lerke – 50 g (makes 2 scrunchies per 50 g)


    ALTERNATIVE YARN: Be aware of variation in yarn length.

    Sandnes, Duo / Sandnes, Thin Merinowool / Drops Baby Merinowool


    MATERIALS: Elastic band – 25 cm for each scrunchie