• Lux sweater (kids)


    Knit from top down working stockinette stitches inside out. The inside of the sweater consists mainly of purled stitches. Work the sweater longer in the back by knitting rows and turning using the «german shortrow»-technique. When the sweater is all done, turn it so the side with the purled stitches comes on the outside.

    Remember to fasten any loose ends on the side with knitted stitches!


    SIZE: 2 (4) 6 (8) 10 years


    GAUGE: 18 sts on 5mm needle = 10 cm


    NEEDLES: Circular needle 3.5 mm (40 cm for neck/60-80 cm for lower body- and sleeve edges) and circluar needle 5mm (40 cm for sleeves/60-80 cm for body)

    / or 5 double pointed needles if not using magic loop-technique on sleeves


    YARN: 1 thread of Sandnes Yarn, Alpaca Silk

    2 threads of Isager, Silk Mohair


    AMOUNT: Sandnes Yarn, Alpaca Silk: 100 (150) 150 (200) 200 g

    Isager, Silk Mohair: 75 (100) 125 (150) 150 g


    ALTERNATIVE YARN: Be aware of variation in yarn length.


    Dale, Alpakka / Sandnes Yarn, Thin merinowool /

    DSA, Mini sterk / Knitting For Olive, Merino


    Sandnes Yarn, Silk Mohair / Filcolana, Tilia / Drops, Kid Silk /

    Knitting For Olive, Soft Silk Mohair


    CHEST WIDTH: ca. 62 (69) 74,5 (81) 86,5 cm